Barnyard TV Series

Back at the Barnyard

"Back at the Barnyard" is a spin off of the hit film "Barnyard: The Original Party Animals" created by Steve Oedekerk and released by Nickelodeon.  Philip was the Production Designer and Art Director on the film overseeing his team of creative artists.  After the film release Omation created the "Back At the Barnyard" TV Series and it seemed very fitting to have the same team design the series.  Phil's crew moved back into their studio in Glendale AZ after spending three and a half years working on the "Barnyard"  movie at Omation Studios in California.  From GFLP Animation Studios in Glendale, AZ, Phil and his team designed 90 episodes for which they won a Special Recognition EMMY for Production Design for Seasons 2008-2009.  Below are some of the Production Designs from the TV series featuring Character Costumes, Matte Paintings, Prop Design, Set/Location Desgn and Character Posing.

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Costume Design

Matte Paintings

 Prop Design

Set/Location  Design

Character Design and Poses

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