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Concept Art

For the better part of 22 years Philip and his team have worked in the animation industry and they have worked together as a team on various projects for 17 years. Over the years lots of conceptual art has been created, some for the pure joy of drawing and painting, some for a film that never gets made and some for a specific project with the hopes of it getting made.  Either way, creating concept art is the best part of the profession because concept is where ideas are born.  Below are samples of some of the concept art we have created over the years.  Some of the images are protected with a GFLP Animation Studios water mark.  If there is something you like and would like to see in more detail, minus the watermark, please send us an email and we would be more than happy to send along samples.

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Underwater Avatar

Star Wars Inspired Art

Location Design Concepts

Game Concept Art

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